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Amber126ph(The) Amber Lady, Inc.  JEWELRY, 25 MILLION YEAR OLD FOSSILS      For over 30 years Leslie Schwing has designed and manufactured amber and jet jewelry for galleries and stores across the country and in England.  25 million year old fossils are encased in some of the amber jewelry.  This jewelry can be seen and purchased by appointment at Fletcher/Schwing Studio Gallery 1452 East Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21231 or on our website.  (410)-342-1832 

Atelier-b 126phAtelier-Beads  ROSARY BEADS, PRAYER, DEVOTION, MEDITATION    The word "bead" comes directly from the old English word for "prayer."  I derive great satisfaction from creating prayer beads   for all Christian faiths, including traditional Catholic rosaries, Anglican beads, Orthodox chotkis, and     the Lutheran "Wreath of Christ." I have recently stepped outside my own spiritual path to create a set       of Juzu, Buddhist prayer beads, for my brother. Prayer beads are truly universal.                           

calicocat-126Calico Cat  CERAMICS, GLASS, JEWELRY, WOOD, TOYS       Bruni and Bill Obriecht opened the doors of Calico Cat forty-one years ago where they have been selling crafts of uncompromised quality. They travel to numerous craft-shows in the U.S. and in Europe to find the finest crafts for their store.  Add: 2137 Gwynn Oak Ave, Baltimore, MD 21207.  Store Hours:  Monday to Saturday: 10 a.m to 5:30 p.m.  Open Fridays until 7 p.m. (410) 944-2450    Fax (410) 944-2453

Creative Elements Jewelry  ORIGINAL NECKLACES, EARRINGS, BRACELETS        A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art Lucy Beebe began creating jewelry in 2001 and put a more serious dedication to producing many pieces throughout 2002.  Her creations can be designed in a collaborative process with you. She can post online photos of the stones in a layout for your approval or revisions prior to the final completion. (410) 876-8227    Fax 410- 876-7443 

forkman-126phForkman  (William E. Clopein)  SILVER FORK FOLK ART, JEWELRY                           Since 1976 I have been creating Handmade Silverware Wearable Folk Art, Handcrafted Folk Art Jewelry.  Please visit my website below and contact me for unique handcrafted silver folk art and jewelry made from authentic silverware.  2445 E. Ruhl Road, Freeland, MD 21053            (410) 343-2629 

gemcut-g-126The Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore, Inc.  GEM CUTTERS, LAPIDARY               We are a non-profit organization that was established in order to allow its members to gain knowledge and skills in gem cutting and in identifying and evaluating lapidary materials. Through trips, exhibitions, and cooperation with other societies, we hope to further our own knowledge and that of the general public. 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 116 Baltimore MD (410) 467-9838

juju126JuJuBeads  JEWELRY, HANDMADE, NECKLACE, BRACELET, BEADS, UNIQUE DESIGN                 With an extensive background in art Dawn Kidd pours her passion into creating distinctive, one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  To express her love for the abstract and extraordinary, Dawn carefully seeks out and collects rare and unusual beads, pendants, and vintage findings to create her unique and beautiful creations.  (443) 564-2420   

nollys-126Nollys Folly Studio  HANDMADE GLASS BEADS,  CONTEMPORARY ART JEWELRY       I am putting my artsy/craftsy nature to work by creating glass beads and original art jewelry.  It's been so much fun to explore the infinite variety of materials and techniques being used in beadmaking and jewelry design today.  Please contact me for more information and visit my website below.  (410).259.0518