The Purpose of Your Listing

      Eventually visitors will be scrolling through hundreds of artist’s listings in the same Directory or Category where your listing is.  On a site where the only color is in the art itself the first part of your listing that might slow this scrolling down could be a colorful thumbnail image that represents the kind of art you offer.  Another tool designed to help our visitors scroll as fast as possible is also meant to help your listing be discovered.  The key-code beside your name lets visitors find out quickly if you create the kind of art they want.
     Then if they’ve been drawn in enough to read what you have written your listing should not only tell them what you do, it should leave them wanting more.  Clicking on your thumbnail image will lead to other images and if you have a website they can visit from your listing that could be the final enticement that brings them to your door.  In essence the real purpose of your listing is to be a mini-website that stands out among the rest and lures the viewers in so they can contact you directly and buy what you create.
     On every Directory and Category page there are many listings that can serve as templates or they can just give you good ideas.  If you would like help creating your own listing please Email  or call us at  (410) 255-3611.

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