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mcoe126p-2Coe, Marion  SCULPTURE, ASSEMBLAGE, COLLAGE, FOUND OBJECTS  I earned my BA      from Mica.  My work is small-scale and highly detailed, ranging from sculptures using found objects     to watercolors and drawings that are reminiscent of collage.  I'm influenced by my work in archaeology and by artists like Joseph Cornell and Terry Gilliam whose work deal with visual puns and contradictions.  

fletcher-126phFletcher, Greg  PAINTER, CITY, LANDSCAPES, EROTICA      Greg Fletcher has been considered one of Baltimore's most solid painters and photographers for over 30 years.  His work is in most of the city's most prominent collections.  Painting "plein aire" he paints Baltimore from the underside.  His work can be seen at The Fletcher/Schwing Studio, 1452 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231  (410) 342-1832      (443) 978-4159

good126phGood, David Buckley  PAINTER, TEACHER REALISM, LANDSCAPE, STILL-LIFE                            David Buckley Good enjoys a growing reputation as both a fine artist and teacher of art. His work is represented in private and public collections in the United States and Europe. Born in Ohio in 1952 David currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland where he teaches painting and drawing at the Schuler School of Fine Art and the Mitchell School of Fine Art.  He runs yearly workshops and is sought after as a painting demonstrator.

gwinn126Gwinn, John  PAINTER, ABSTRACT, REALISM, FLASHING EXUBERANCE      An accomplished artist and painter, John’s work has been shown in galleries around the world, including the Galerie Liliane Francois in Paris. Always exploring the vitality of human existence John became aware of a special place that exists somewhere between the rigidity of realism and the boundless stretches of the abstract: he calls this new frontier of his work, ‘Flashing Exuberance’. (610) 745-9117

jackson126Jackson, Robert C.   OIL PAINT, REALISM, STILL LIFE      Contemporary realist still life artist that adds a fun twist to this traditional genre of painting Robert is internationally well-known  He is represented by Galleries throughout the United States and his work has been published in many well known magazines.  To contact him please visit his website.                                                

jaeger-126Jaeger, William  WATERCOLORIST, MARINE, LANDSCAPES, FLORAL, STREETSCAPES      Maryland watercolorist Bill Jaeger has been working in watercolor for about 15 years.  Bill uses the luminosity of transparent watercolor to capture glowing light effects in his streetscapes, florals, marine scenes, still lifes, and landscapes.  For more information contact Bill and visit his website below. Address:  387 Harwin Dr. Severna Park, Maryland, 21146   (410) 518-6579

Jwetz-fa126Jawetz, Gil  PAINTER, PORTRAITS, ANIMALS, IMPRESSIONISM      As a painter I concentrate on figurative work, incorporating people and animals into colorful, emotional compositions. My work has shown around Baltimore as well as in New York and Miami and I've created commissioned work for clients all over the world.

Johnsonk-126Johnson, Kerry G.  GRAPHIC ARTIST, LOGOS, CARICATURES, CARTOONS, ETC.                              Kerry G. Johnson is a creative and experienced art director, caricaturist, cartoonist and graphic designer. He's an award-winning artist whose work has been published in local and national newspapers and magazines, web sites and blogs.  Kerry offers: graphic design, caricatures, cartoons, greeting cards, illustrations, logo / publication design and posters / flyers at reasonable rates with fast turnarounds.              (410) 381-2917

m-cottman126Mark Cottman Gallery  GALLERY, ARTIST. PAINTINGS, FRAMING     Located in Historic Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD.  the Gallery exclusively features the art of Mark Cottman. His artwork expresses passion and humor, captures the imagination and inspires the viewer to appreciate Cottman’s vision. 1014  S. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21230  (443) 872-0943  Hours: Mon - Tues by appointment Wed - Sat 12-7, Sun 12-5

mcgeehan-126McGeehan, Sheena  CONTEMPORARY PAINTER, MIXED-MEDIA       I look to objects, personal collections and memories as inspiration for creating visual narratives that represent and question conflict, transitions, choices  and stereotypes.  These narratives, although personal, are meant to elicit differing interpretations and connect with the viewer.

metaferia-h126Metaferia, Helina  VISUAL, HEALING, COMMUNITY ARTIST       My paintings have been shown in galleries and museums in New York City, Baltimore, Washington, DC and Philadelphia. I am also a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and natural healing artist and incorporate my spiritual healing practices into my visual artistry. My recent mixed-media paintings depict women on an internal journey of self-discovery.  Please visit my website for more.      (917) 653-2154

wp126Morton, Davis W.  OIL PAINT, DRAWINGS, REALISM      I do oil paintings and pencil portraits. My subject matter is varied.  I am represented by Galleries in Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Richmond, and by a broker in France.  My work has been selling internationally for over thirty years. 

obrienp-126O’Brien, Patrick Reid  POSTERS, GICLEES, PAINTINGS, MEMORIES      His work “is a celebration of people’s lives and their kid’s lives.” It can be found in various collections, including Jimmy Buffet and the White House Historical Society.  He has an archive of about 1,400 posters from locations as close as the Chesapeake Bay to as far away as the Mediterranean.  Mailing address:  PO Box 550 Brooklandville, MD 21022-0550   (410) 443-928-0038  Fax  410-825-7574 

palmera-126Palmer, Art  ARTIST,  SCULPTOR, WOOD CARVER, TEACHER      As an artist, sculptor and fantasy conceptualist I am entirely self-taught with over 30 years of experience in the fine and commercial arts. Whether I am painting a small portrait a large mural  or doing a carving in clay or wood, I strive to create pieces that defy the imagination. My work has sold around the world and has been featured in "The Carousel News and Trader.”  (443) 500-4740

paw126Paw Portraits  CUSTOM PET PORTRAITS      In just 3 weeks I can create a one-of-a-kind portrait from a few photos and some insight from you about your pet’s unique personality.  At a fraction of the price of other artists, it is an extremely affordable and unique way to immortalize your pet for years to come.    Please contact Artist: Rick Ragan 2120 Bank St. Baltimore, MD 21231 (412) 973-9866                    

pleath126Pleatherface  PAINTING, SCULPTURE, WRITING, FILM MAKING      I bring my very own nightmares to life through various mediums such as: Painting, Sculpting, Writing, & Film.  It is my dream to have my artwork displayed in a gallery, if even for a single night.  If you or anyone out there can help make this happen, the monsters in my attic will forever be grateful for their opportunity to shine.  Contact Richard Donahue    (443) 851-1114

scheern-126Scheer, Nancy  PAINTER, PORTRAIT, FIGURATIVE, ABSTRACT, DRAWINGS      Paintings and drawings primarily figurative and self-referential.  Through a slow process of distillation, she reaches the core element of her experiences, with a great awareness of the interactions between color, line and gesture.  For further information and to view my portfolio, see my website.  Address:  Baltimore, MD  (443) 213-0088

schwing126Schwing, Leslie  PAINTER,  DRAWINGS, PASTEL, LANDSCAPES, CITY         Schwing brought a Caribbean palette and sensibilities from the Dominican Republic to Baltimore.  Her work ranges from glyphlike fractal abstractions to recognizable Baltimore cityscape painted plein aire.  Presently her work can be seen at The Fletcher/Schwing Studio, 1452 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21231. Please visit her website below.    (410) 342-1832   (443) 956-2459

zollm126Zoll, Matt  PAINTER, TEACHER, OIL, REALISM, STILL LIFE       A master himself of the techniques used by the Flemish Masters Matt achieves remarkable color and vibrancy by hand-grinding powder pigments with oil.  Matt's Still Life paintings are rich in color and drama with an intense attention to detail.  Please visit the Zoll Studio Website below for more information.   1500 Riverwood-Lutherville Dr., Suite D, Lutherville, MD 21093    (410) 296-0233