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baysideb-126Bayside Big Band  17 PIECE BIG BAND MUSIC       Since 1982 we have provided a Big Band sound to fit any occasion.  We play public and private dances, weddings, corporate events, private parties, night clubs, civic concerts and benefits, as well as regional and national conventions.  With over 1000 arrangements we strive to maintain the Big Band sound from the 1930's to the present day.  Please contact Steve Young and visit our website below.

ccats126Channel Cats  BLUES BAND, SOUL, ROCK & ROLL       The Channel Cats Blues Band has been performing their brand of good-time, party blues, soul and rock & roll since the mid-1980's.  With over 20 years worth of live shows at festivals, clubs, bars and private / corporate events, they continue to entertain audiences by always keeping one foot in the blues.

cuneffp126Cunneff, Phil  JAZZ, DRUMMER, TRIO, FREELANCE, INSTRUCTOR      Phil Cunneff, multiple percussion instrumentalist, is best known as leader of the Phil Cunneff Trio, drummer for Steve Kramer's Bluesicians, After Hours, and the Rick Hannah Trio, freelance improvising artist, and instructor at Harford Community College.

datb126Da TBone MoJo Blues Band  BLUES WITH BALLS, HARD ROCK       "TBone" plays hard rock guitar in the Texas style while Johnny Flame plays guitar with a jazz influence.  The result is "Blues With Balls."  As Johnny Flame says, "I play it nice and sweet and TBone puts hair on it." Please visit our my space below.  TBone: (410) 459-7137        Johnny Flame: (410) 746-9119   

delucag126Deluca, Gina   BLUES, SINGER, GUITAR, SOLO, GROUP      I want to move people as much as I can with my music.  Whether there are four people in a room or forty I try to give the same performance.  My music is a blend of blues, rock, swing, pop and a healthy dose of soul.  For more information please visit my website and my space below.        

dennisl-126Dennis, Larry  ROCK, GUITAR, GROUP, SOLO, BLUES      "If you like Jimi Hendrix, Blues, Rock and Roll and great guitar it doesn't get any better than Larry Dennis in the Baltimore area" - A Fan  

edfrank-126"Ed and Frank"  ROCK, DUO, DRUMS, GUITAR, VOCALS       "Ed Lauer and Frank Florence have become an institution in Fells point on Saturday nights.  For years at "The Horse You Came in On" they have drawn a very large, happy crowd.  They are two extremely talented musicians and together they have always been superb." - A Fan   (410)544-7217         www.myspace.con/edlauer

fallinz126Fallin, Zane   FUSION, JAZZ, ROCK, DRUMMER       I consider myself to be a fusion drummer, leaning on the jazz side.  Self taught, I've been playing for over 30 years and performing professionally for over 25 years.  My idols are Tony Williams and Larry White.- Zane Fallin  "Zane is the best in Baltimore and is always "in the pocket."- A Fan               (410) 780-7186

filipiakc-126Filipiak, Carl  GUITARIST, JAZZ, FUSION, ROCK & ROLL, BAND, INSTRUCTOR      Carl has earned critical acclaim as one of today’s most dynamic jazz guitarists. Jazziz Magazine has included him among a renowned list of guitar players in their nominations for “New Fusion Blood,” and JazzTimes calls him “a dazzlingly versatile guitarist.”  Contact: Carl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz Band  24 Northampton Rd. Baltimore, MD 21093                         (410) 561-8750

florencef126Florence, Frank  ROCK, SOLO, GROUP, PLAYS EVERYTHING       Frank is a local multi-instrumental studio/live musician. My services include, performance  and instruction on Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, and All Percussion instruments. I perform with several local and regional music acts in a large area of music venues in and around the Baltimore metropolitan  area. I also write, and produce original music.    (410) 544-7217

Goddard, Brian   ROCK,  BASS, SONGWRITER, GROUP       Brian is generally thought of as being the best bass player in the MD, VA and DC areas. With over 30 years of experience, he is an excellent song writer and vocalist.  Rather than taking himself seriously, he describes himself as being, "a bass player that combines Motown with Buddhism."

gutberletkGutberlet, Ken  ROCK, CLASSIC, CONTEMPORARY, GUITAR. SONGWRITER      Also known as "Kenny G"  or "Ken G shorts" Ken is an excellent songwriter, vocalist and an accomplished musician with guitar and mandolin.  He never seems to take a break and we don't want him too.  No matter what the weather, Ken wears shorts ranging from a great variety of styles..  A great performer and I might add, a delightful person."- A Fan (443) 231-8395          Also see... News

Hall, Rachel  ROCK, SOLO, GROUPS, VOCALS, GUITAR      Formerly of "The Damsels," Rachel Hall has been a part of the Baltimore area music scene for well over ten years playing either solo acoustic or with various groups. Rachel comes from a long line of musicians on both sides of the family, and debuted singing on stage at the age of four. By age 12, she made appearances playing guitar and singing alongside her father and various family members. For more information and to contact her please visit her website below.             

hrodt-126Hot Rod Truck  ROCK, BAND, CLASSIC, CONTEMPORARY       "Highlighting Rob Zuzin on lead guitar this is one of the most entertaining groups in Baltimore.  Rob even walks the bar as he sings his song.  Excellent lead guitar, bass and drums.   A very up-beat performance." -A Fan

jamesk126James, Kevin  ROCK, CLASSIC, IRISH, SOLO, GUITAR        "A veteran entertainer, Kevin James performs lively Irish and American folk songs as well as Pop, Rock and Country favorites.  His energy and sense of humor combine with tasteful guitar playing and heart-felt singing to create spirited and enjoyable performances."

jamielband126The Jamie Lynch Band  BLUES BAND, FEMALE LEAD SINGER                         The JLB features vocalist Jamie Lynch, a native of Gaithersburg, MD.  She studied classical music at Westminster College, but couldn't stay away from blues, R&B, and gospel music.  Jamie chooses such vocal influences as Big Mama, Big Maybelle, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Bland, Etta James, and Susan Tedeschi, to name a few.                     (301) 404-3445

jumpstreetb126Jumpstreet Band  URBAN JAZZ & GROOVE      JUMPSTREET is a multifaceted, Baltimore based quartet (sax/vocals, keyboards, bass and drums) whose signature is derived from smoothly blending R&B, Funk, Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Traditional Jazz and Swing standards, Latin, and Dance/Pop into a collage of rhythm and melodic colors.  JUMPSTREET has been called ...THE BAND WITH AN 8 LANE GROOVE!  Contact Lamont Battle (410)963-5975

junestar126June Star  ROCK, FOLK ROCK, SOUTHERN ROCK      Established in 1998, June Star has been lingering around in the Baltimore Area.  June Star is now a shared band between Andrew Grimm and Timothy Bracken.  The soundscape of June Star has also expanded to include Patrick Hughes (drums), Mike Ward (keyboards), and Burke Sampson (guitar).  June Star writes songs about loss like Russian novelists write about cold.  Please visit their website:

kingj126King, John Edward  SINGER, SONGWRITER        My musical roots can be found in the 1960's Philadelphia street corner harmonies and the coffee house ballads of the 1960's Greenwich Village.  Later influences include bluegrass and Appalachian mountain music as well as the  "rock" music explosion of the 60's and 70's.  Music making is a spiritual experience and it has connected me with people all over the world.

lauere126Lauer, Ed  ROCK, GUITAR, SOLO, GROUP, ENTERTAINER       "A veteran musician in Fells Point, Ed Lauer is  an excellent guitarist, singer and entertainer who plays classic and contemporary Rock and Roll. "The best show in town."-A Fan

leighb126Leigh, Bonnie  ROCK, SINGER, GUITAR, SOLO, GROUP      Bonnie is a veteran performer in Fells Point.  She has an excellent voice and an energetic performance..  She sings both solo and with The Mark Pettis Project. 

martengMarten, Gail  AWARD-WINNING JAZZ VOCALIST /SONGWRITER                                                   Gail caresses a jazz vocal with the authority of authenticity, and projects an innate awareness of how the songwriter might wish to hear the song sung. She radiates a warmth and sophistication that is completely captivating…and she swings…Her choice of material and the warmth, intelligence, and utter infectiousness of her voice bring joy to these hungry ears. (410) 290-5638

mkelly126Matt Kelley and the Idle Americans BAND, ROCK, BLUES, ALTERNATIVE             The two best damned guit-fiddle pickers you're gonna find in a band round here, Zack Sweeney and Matt Kelly give "The Idle Americans" a sound that's anything but idle, playing their own brand of traditional and newfangled blues, rockabilly, roots rock and country, alternative country, jump and swing to appreciative crowds throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.   Please contact: Matt Kelley    (301) 257-6367

montoyar-126Montoya, Ruben  GUITAR, SINGER, SONGWRITER, BAND, SOLO   Ruben is a Baltimore based guitar player, singer and songwriter. Influenced by Bill Withers, Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Beatles, Los Silver, The Meters, Freddie King, Albert King, SRV and whole lot of Texas musicians.  He's played in festivals and the most popular venues in Baltimore, Washington DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania opening up for and playing with Anders Osborne, Joan Osborne, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Eric Lindell, Dicky Betts and others.    

mooret126Moore, Tom (The Tom Moore Band) JAZZ-SINGER / BAND, STANDARDS, POP                   A soon-to-be major recording artist based in Baltimore, we are available for jazz or Sinatra-style gigs, bars, clubs, weddings, corporate events.  Especially good for conferences and hotels.  Preparing for a major recording contract.  Great steal before they command much higher prices.  Will travel anywhere.  From two piece (singer and piano/keyboards) to full five-piece jazz band, depending on size or budget.  

muleman126The Muleman Band (Sam Miller)  ROCK, BLUES, BAND, GUITAR      Growing up in the South, Sammy ‘Muleman’ Miller was influenced by Rhythm & Blues and Country Music.  He mixes many musical flavors to create his own ‘Southern Fried’ recipe.  His original tunes prove that the blues is not always sad, but can also incorporate a sly sense of humor. His covers of classic rock and soul hits showcase his versatility as an artist.  Contact Sam Miller.                                             (410) 579-2996

owensp126Owens, Pat   ROCK ,MODERN, CLASSIC ROCK,  ACOUSTIC      Pat Owens is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Baltimore.  He currently performs solo with other groups.  Typical shows consist of a balance between modern and classic rock favorites as well as some of Pat's original tunes. New on Pat's 2006 agenda is a 3-piece project called "Old School".  The acoustic trio uses guitars, percussion and vocal harmonization to create an energetic twist on early 90's rock. (410)245-8648

reedj126Reed, Jeff  JAZZ, BASS, PERFORMANCE, INSTRUCTION, RECORDING      With the acoustic bass as his instrument, Jeff has played in almost every major Baltimore and D.C. jazz venue. Due to the versatility and respect he has gained as a musician, Jeff has performed extensively throughout the east coast and in over 20 countries worldwide, including Italy, Spain, Egypt, Turkey and Bahrain.  For more information please visit his website below... (410) 905- 1954

reynoldsc126Reynolds, Curt J.  ROCK, SINGER, SONGWRITER, SOLO,  JINGLES      I have been entertaining the mid Atlantic area for 20 years with a blend of classic rock, pop, country and original music.  I perform as a solo act or as an acoustic duet.  I also compose jingles for advertisements. (410) 608-0688

ricksu126Ricks,  Ursula   BLUES, JAZZ, VOCALS, ROCK      "Ursula is perhaps the best female blues singer I have ever heard.  Every movement of her body when she sings is the BLUES.  All of the finest musicians in Baltimore are honored to back her up." -A Fan.

Ross, Scott Emerson  ROCK, (CLASSIC)  SOLO, GUITAR      I play guitar and sing solo playing mainly Classic Rock and Roll.  I have played in many bars and restaurants in the Washington DC and Annapolis areas. I am available for that kind of work as well as weddings and private parties.  www.gypsy/

scotte126Scott, Eric  BASSIST, VOCALS, SONGWRITER, BAND, SOLO        The winner of two Wammie’s in 2009 Eric has performed on numerous stages throughout Europe, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and the entire United States as a touring bassist and vocalist.  He has sharred the stage with artist's as diverse as James Brown, B.B. King, and Ray Charles to Little Feat, Kansas, The Neville Brothers, Jimmy Buffett, and Keb' Mo'.  Please visit his website.    Also see...  News

scottj126Scott, Josua  BLUES, JAZZ, FUNK, GUITAR, SPONTANEOUS       I'm a self-taught guitar player for over 35 years.  I've been exposed to Classic Rock,  Blues, Jazz and Funk.  I try to be spontaneous and the term I use is, "jumping off the cliff without a parachute."  I try to blend Funk-Groove with Rock.                                                             (443) 857-3914

Smooth, Johnny  ROCK, SOLO, GUITAR, SONGWRITER      "Johnny is an excellent musician and has an excellent voice.  He plays a nice blend of classic and contemporary Rock and Roll.  He is very entertaining and has a consistently pleasant stage presence." - A Fan..                            

thomsonb126Thomson, Billy  SINGER, SONGWRITER, SOLO, GROUP, BILLY          I've been sitting on the couch for 30 years writing songs.  I got frustrated and started playing out.  I got lucky to play some gigs and I'm playing with great people.- Billy Thomson     "Billy has the best masculine voice I have ever heard.  His songwriting is the best in Baltimore.  Although we don't know why he's just here, we're glad he is but he should be more."   A Fan.,

threedownd-126Three Down Dave  (David A. Kalman)  ROCK, SOLO, GUITAR, SONGWRITER                       Three Down Dave has been described as a mix of John Prine, Jimmy Buffet and Willie Nelson. He is well known for his original songs, many of which have received national, international and local airplay. Playing from Los Angeles, CA to St. Augustine, FL, he considers Baltimore as his musical home and can be frequently found playing solo and in tandem with top acts in the Fells Point area of Baltimore.               (443) 804-3981   threedowndave@att,net

tmillerb-126Todd Miller Band  ROCK, GROUP, THREE PIECE, THE BEST      Absolutely the best three piece group I have ever heard in my life.  With Todd on guitar and lead vocals, Johnny " T" on drums and either Eric or Angelo on Bass it doesn't get any better.  From hard Rock to mellow to a fusion of their own brand they are the best.  All of the finest musicians in Baltimore are honored if they can sit in with The Todd Miller Band." -A FAN                         

trossbackds-126Trossbach, D. Sebastien   ROCK, COUNTRY, VOCALS, GUITAR, DUET       "Sebastien has a wonderful stage presence and he is a very talented musician.  Performing with his brother Nick they have a wonderful harmony." A Fan (301) 481-7549

trossbackn-126Trossbach, Nicholas  ROCK, COUNTRY, VOCALS, GUITAR, DUET       "I float between music and work like I float in the Ocean, aimlessly."-Nick   " Nick is a great performer with an excellent voice and a mastery of the guitar.  He plays both solo and in a duet with his brother Sebastien." -A Fan                          (240) 446-8617

willisa126Willis, Amy  SOUL FULL, SONGWRITER, VOCALS, GUITAR      I look within to create and I try to find beauty in every moment of life.  My performance is soul-full and I am continually trying to evolve.  I know I can go beyond my limits right now. - Amy Willis                        (720) 252-8701

wingop126Wingo, Paul  JAZZ, GUITAR, TRIO, CD'S, INSTRUCTOR     "Whether you hear him with his own Trio or playing as a sideman in someone else's band, Paul Wingo is one of the most inventive, surprising musicians working today.  Anywhere. Period." Tom Cole, Host of "G-Strings," WPFW-FM, Washington, DC      Address:  3329 Tidewater Court, Olney, MD 20832  (301) 924-4033

wrightk126Wright, Ken  ROCK, GUITAR, SOLO, GROUP, STUDIO        I am a pro guitar player for studio and live shows.  I have played with Michael Nitro, Guns and Roses, Ted Nuggent and many others.  I have been touring as a guitar tech and player since I was 19 years old and have been playing guitar, self taught, from the age of 4... Ken Wright    (410) 668-0180,

zeed126Zee, David  PIANO, VOCALS, SOLO, GROUP, COMPOSER       " Whether playing by himself or with other musicians David Zee is not only an excellent pianist with an excellent voice, he is a wonderful entertainer with a very quick wit. With his own unique arrangements of certain songs the audience is always treated to a very up-beat performance." - A Fan                              

zuzinr126Zuzin, Rob  FUSION, ROCK, GUITAR, VOCALS      "Rob plays anything from Classical guitar, Spanish Guitar with of course a healthy dose of Rock.  An accomplished musician and vocalist, with his excellent sense of humor he is one of the best entertainers in Baltimore.  He is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an up-beat performance."-A Fan