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a405-tnArea 405  EXHIBITION SPACE, PRESENT AND PROMOTE ARTS      Area 405 is committed to demonstrating and  strengthening  the vitality of the arts community  within Baltimore.  Our non-profit mission is to produce, present and promote  arts and cultural programming by providing a venue for artists from Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic region. 405 E. Oliver Street Baltimore, MD 21202   (410) 528-1968                 

xibitz-126Xibitz  EXHIBIT DESIGN, ANY OCCASION, INSTALLATIONS       We specialize in unique three-dimensional installations for any event or occasion.  We can create the proper atmosphere for any event or occasion with our exhibit design and fabrication.  Contact:  Parker D. Pennington  3601 Clipper Mill Road  Baltimore, MD 21211  (410) 366-6800       Fax 410-366-6801