Our Goal

Making the World of Art in Baltimore Visible

     Baltimore has always been a wonderful city for the arts.  We have many excellent art groups and galleries that have supported the arts for years.  But there is one question that has never been answered.  Where are all of the artists?      

     With the glut of information on the internet we should be able to find anything we want but that's not always true.  As an exercise in frustration see how long it takes to find just three artists you could interview for jobs you might need an artist for.  Where could you find… a violinist to play in your Italian Restaurant… a single chef to cook for a party of six… a watercolor artist who specializes in painting cats… etc. etc.

     With the arrival of www.baltimoreartsdirectory.com on the net we hope to eliminate the frustration of such fruitless searches by making the entire World of Art in Baltimore visible.  Through our Arts and Information Directories virtually all of the artists in our area can represent themselves and display their work.  With membership costing less than half-a-tank of gas their art can have an unparalleled level of exposure for an entire year.

    Visitors to our site are always free to look for whatever kind of art they want or for art supplies, instruction, art groups, etc.  If they can’t find exactly what they want they can post any kind of art-related question in our NEWSROOM that anyone can answer directly by Email, phone or some other method: “I can tell you how to fix cracks in a painting… I can be a mime at your daughter’s birthday party…  I'd like to buy that Martin Guitar you have for sale... etc.”  As a welcomed benefit in our economy, all of the visitors and the members of our Directory are always free to contact each other directly without the expense or aggravation of going through a “middle-man.”

    Having been inspired by the simple design of the “Yellow Pages,” in our online Directory you can only get lost in the art itself.  With just one "click" you will be looking at the kind of art that interests you.  You will see what the artists have to say about themselves in their own words.  With many, you will see their pictures or pictures of their work.  After this introduction, you can always contact any artist directly to request the kind of art you want in person.

     Traditionally, artists are not just the people who can move us with their depth of vision they are also the entertainers of our world.  In a town where Edgar Allan Poe is almost like a patron saint, our artists can also be the quirkiest of the quirky and for those viewers who have an affinity for “Reality TV” you won’t be disappointed with the artists that you meet.  When you visit Baltimore Arts Directory, you be the judge of the good, bad, ugly and the funny.  We hope you enjoy the journey.