To post an art-related Question or News in our Newsroom follow the directions below and Email your information to... or call (410) 255-3611

Before sending any contact information for display please click and read... Responsibility

  1. For display send your name and at least one way for the public to contact you.  (Email, phone, etc.)

  2. Send ten words or less that summarize the subject of your submission.  EXAMPLES:  "Need portrait of son"...
    "Have a Martin guitar for sale"... "My gigs in May are below"... "Where can I buy limestone?"... etc.

  3. Including your name and contact information your submission can be no longer than one double spaced letter sized page.  Longer or other news items may also be displayed by sending a link to another website with instructions on how to find that information. One jpeg image may also be displayed.

Your news or question will be removed after 30 days.  Please contact us if you want it removed before that time...

Our Members or Visitors will contact you directly when they have replies...

The cost for posting a News Item or a Question is only $10 for Members and $12 for Visitors. If you want to use PayPal to make your payment enter that amount into the "item price" space that is provided after clicking...

If you prefer to pay by mail make your check or money order payable to Baltimore Arts Directory and send it to:

Baltimore Arts Directory
PO box 561
Pasadena MD 21123

Shortly after your information and payment is received your information will be displayed. 

Anyone can also make an unlimited number of submissions on a separate news page as a Newsroom Contributor for $120 a year.  Please email  or call 410-255-3611 for more information.

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