Our Responsibility

     Baltimore Arts Directory is a website where artists and art-related organizations can represent themselves.   Our sole mission is to provide an atmosphere where our members and the visitors to the site are free to communicate without any interference.   Baltimore Arts Directory will not use the materials or information that come within our possession for any other reason.  But we cannot accept any responsibility for how anyone may use the information that is displayed.  Members and visitors are advised to think about these implications before releasing information for public display.

     Although the administrators of our Directory applaud the principle of complete artistic freedom, to make sure we have a "G" rated site that anyone can visit, we reserve the right to do the following:

     Anyone is free to copy any of the contact information our members have provided for display.  Visitors can Email some of our members directly from our site and they can visit member's websites from our site but we cannot accept responsibility for the content of the other websites our visitors will visit.